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SeaSearch inflatables are easy to store, transport and are ready in minutes. Designed for the professional user, they range from 3.9 to 4.2 metres and can be rowed or powered by Mariner or Mercury outboards up to 30hp.

Aluminium Floor

The anodised double thickness floor is light and durable thanks to it's special cavity design. The ribbed patterning gives extra grip underfoot, whilst the sectional design makes it easy to store.

 Inflatable Keel

All SeaSearch inflatables feature an inflatable keel as standard. It gives better under-power control and better directional control at speed.

 Handles and Seating

Handles are positioned on the inside of the tubes in case of rough sea conditions. There are non-slip, reinforced patches for seating and safety plus an easily removable wooden seat.

 Fuel Strap and Oar Clips

The fuel tanks tie-down strap keeps the hose neatly to the side, preventing a trip or fuel spill hazard, whilst the oar clips let you store the oars when an outboard is in use.

Rubbing Strake

The double thickness strake is designed to take the knocks and provides the best protection possible for the inflated tube.

 Bow Roller

The bow roller feature enables you to anchor wherever you need to, with an additional cleat handle inside the boat.

GGF can customize these boat to fit your requierments including consoles, trailers, electronics and covers.



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